Why choose Wipee

The solution created to adapt to any cleaning company


Activities planning

Plan and assign the activities to carry out to your workers, everyone will know always where to go and what to do, optimizing the time


Everything under control

Track the activities carried out and to be carried out, the worked hours by each worker and for each customer. Always all updated


Even offline

It’s possible to work from any smartphone, tablet or PC, even without internet, and then send the updated data when there is an internet connection


Integrable with your systems

The solution is integrable with the software already used in your company. You can import or export from Excel files, to have updated data

Semplify the management of your business

Wipee is a system completely customizable and usable wherever you want: Android, Windows and Web app, which allows you to optimize all the management of collaborators and customers.

You too can use de administrator app to plan activities, so you will always have the agenda updated and your work always optimized.

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Wipee helps you manage

Here's how Wipee has improved and optimized the management of our customers' cleaning companies


errors reduction


time saving



Everything completely under control

The solution allows you to always keep everything under control, from planning to checking the hours worked, both for the management of collaborators and for that of customers


Wipee's prices adapt to the size of your business

9Month / user

Up to 2 users
  • Unlimited devices
  • Share and synchronize from 1 to 2 GB

7Month / user

Up to 4 users
  • Unlimited devices
  • Share and synchronize from 3 to 4 GB

6Month / user

5+ Users
  • Unlimited devices
  • Share and synchronize from 5 GB +

Frequent questions

In this section you will find the answers to the questions we are usually asked

Can I customize the prints?
Of course, Wipee has an integrated print editor that allows you to customize and create prints based on your needs. Alternatively you can ask us to customize them for you.
I need to add some fields, is it possible?
Absolutely yes, Wipee is equipped with a system for creating fields and tables that allows you to add the fields you need but also entire modules by customizing the database to your liking. Alternatively, you can ask us to make customizations for you.
Can I import my customers' personal data from a file?
Yes, a data importer has been integrated into Wipee that allows you to load data directly into tables via Excel files.
How many devices can i use?
Wipee allows you and your users to use unlimited devices, in fact you can access different devices with the same user, even simultaneously.